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tqsl_cert_req_st Struct Reference

#include <tqsllib.h>

Public Attributes

char providerName [TQSL_NAME_ELEMENT_MAX+1]
 < Cert request data
char providerUnit [TQSL_NAME_ELEMENT_MAX+1]
 Provider unit.
char callSign [TQSL_CALLSIGN_MAX+1]
char name [TQSL_CRQ_NAME_MAX+1]
char address1 [TQSL_CRQ_ADDR_MAX+1]
 Address 1.
char address2 [TQSL_CRQ_ADDR_MAX+1]
 Address 2.
char city [TQSL_CRQ_CITY_MAX+1]
char state [TQSL_CRQ_STATE_MAX+1]
char postalCode [TQSL_CRQ_POSTAL_MAX+1]
 Postal Code.
char country [TQSL_CRQ_COUNTRY_MAX+1]
char emailAddress [TQSL_CRQ_EMAIL_MAX+1]
int dxccEntity
 DXCC Entity code.
tQSL_Date qsoNotBefore
 QSOs not before date.
tQSL_Date qsoNotAfter
 QSOs not after date.
char password [TQSL_PASSWORD_MAX+1]
tQSL_Cert signer
 Signing cert.
char renew
 Rewewal reference.

Detailed Description

Certificate request data

Member Data Documentation

◆ providerName

char tqsl_cert_req_st::providerName[TQSL_NAME_ELEMENT_MAX+1]

< Cert request data

Provider name

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