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TQSL_QSO_RECORD Struct Reference

#include <tqsllib.h>

Public Attributes

char callsign [TQSL_CALLSIGN_MAX+1]
 QSO callsign.
char band [TQSL_BAND_MAX+1]
 QSO band.
char mode [TQSL_MODE_MAX+1]
 QSO mode.
char submode [TQSL_MODE_MAX+1]
 QSO submode.
tQSL_Date date
 QSO date.
tQSL_Time time
 QSO time.
char freq [TQSL_FREQ_MAX+1]
 QSO frequency.
char rxfreq [TQSL_FREQ_MAX+1]
 QSO receive frequency.
char rxband [TQSL_BAND_MAX+1]
 QSO RX band.
char propmode [TQSL_PROPMODE_MAX+1]
 QSO prop mode.
char satname [TQSL_SATNAME_MAX+1]
 QSO satellite name.
bool callsign_set
 QSO specifies a call worked.
bool mode_set
 QSO specifies a mode.
bool band_set
 QSO specifies a band or frequency.
bool date_set
 QSO specifies a date.
bool time_set
 QSO specifies a time.
char my_state [TQSL_STATE_MAX+1]
 QSO specifies MY_STATE.
char my_gridsquare [TQSL_GRID_MAX+1]
char my_vucc_grids [TQSL_GRID_MAX+1]
 QSO specifies MY_VUCC_GRIDS.
char my_county [TQSL_CNTY_MAX+1]
 QSO specifies MY_CNTY.
char my_cnty_state [TQSL_STATE_MAX+1]
 QSO specifies a state with MY_CNTY.
char my_country [TQSL_COUNTRY_MAX+1]
 QSO specifies MY_COUNTRY.
char my_cq_zone [TQSL_ZONE_MAX+1]
 QSO specifies MY_CQ_ZONE.
char my_itu_zone [TQSL_ZONE_MAX+1]
 QSO specifies MY_ITU_ZONE.
int my_dxcc
 QSO specifies MY_DXCC.
char my_call [TQSL_CALLSIGN_MAX+1]
 Station Callsign.
char my_operator [TQSL_CALLSIGN_MAX+1]
 Operator's callsign.
char my_iota [TQSL_IOTA_MAX+1]
 QSO specifies MY_IOTA_.

Detailed Description

QSO data

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