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Logbook of the World

This web page was used to distribute my unofficial Logbook of the World software. As ARRL has picked up the most important fixes to this software, I am no longer building or distributing LoTW software here. Please see the Logbok of the World site for a pointer to official software.

The Logbook query page at http://www.rickmurphy.net/lotwquery.html can be used to query your QSOs and QSLs, with the ability to select by a number of criteria.

The following table lists the various types of files used by the TrustedQSL software and what they are used for.

File Type Usage
tq5             Certificate request. Generated by TQSLcert (TQSL for 2.0 or later) and uploaded to the LoTW site.
tq6 Signed certificate. Created by LoTW in response to a user.s tq5 request, loaded into TQSLcert (TQSL for 2.0 or later).
tq7 An uncompressed signed log extract. Loaded into LoTW which processes the log and adds the QSOs to your list.
tq8 A compressed signed log extract. Loaded into LoTW which processes the log and adds the QSOs to your list. Created by TQSL.
p12 A saved user callsign certificate with the associated private key. Can be used to recover from a lost certificate, hard drive failure, or to move TrustedQSL to another computer. Created and loaded by TQSLcert (TQSL for 2.0 and later).
tbk A TQSL backup file. Contains a backup of the user's Callsign Certificates, Station Locations, preferences, and upload details. This can be used to move all of the TQSL information from one computer to another. Created and loaded by TQSL (2.0 or later).

The following table lists the fields from your ADIF file that TQSL processes for upload. Any other fields from your log are ignored by TQSL and cannot be retrieved from the LoTW system.

ADIF Field Description
CALLCallsign of the station worked
BANDBand where you transmitted
MODEQSO mode or mode group (PHONE, CW, etc.)
TIME_ONStart time of the QSO
FREQFrequency of the QSO
FREQ_RXYour receive frequency
BAND_RXYour receive band
SAT_NAMEName of the satellite used
PROP_MODE  Propagation mode

I've tried to recover the trustedqsl.org website from the wayback machine. Most of it's working well enough to be useful. Click this logo Trusted QSL Home for access.

This page was last modified on Saturday October 05, 2013.
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